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You're About To Discover The EXACT Formula I Use RIGHT NOW To Easily Drop 17Lb And 9 Inches In 25 Days Whilst REGULARLY Eating Ice Cream, Juicy Burgers And Food Most Other Dieters Only DREAM About!

From: The desk of Ryan Phillips, Burton England
Re: Your Formula for Rapid Fat Loss Success

  • Are you hesitant or embarrassed to take your shirt off in front of people and feel genuinely depressed about how you look?
  • Have you ever tried to drop your stubborn body fat, but haven’t found something that’s worked?
  • Or like many of my other clients, have you ever started a diet, only to quit a few weeks later from lack of results?

If you answered “YES!” to any of those questions you’re not alone, they were the biggest frustrations I had before I found the real answer to rapid fat reduction. Now, on this very page, I’m going to reveal to you the one reason why your body won’t ALLOW you to drop fat at a rapid pace, and then provide you with the SMARTEST solution ever developed to override “normal” fat loss and get YOU to the exact weight you want in the fastest and easiest way possible.. Guaranteed.

WARNING: This is NOT a gimmick – if you are looking for some kind of pill popping, magic bullet with zero effort then you won’t find it here. But, if your looking for REAL results founded on REAL science, then the information I’m about to share with you will without a doubt be the most important rapid fat loss information you’ve ever read.

Now before we get into that…

Let me introduce myself.

I’m Ryan Phillips.

You may or may not have heard of me before…

But I was in the same boat as you not so long ago, I wasn’t happy with my body, it was affecting my confidence and I wanted to make a change.

I actually remember taking the first ‘before’ picture below in my girlfriends bathroom and I didn’t face sideways because I couldn’t bare to see how much my belly stuck out compared to how flat it was before.

In just 25 days I had already lost 17Lb, 3.6%
body fat and 9 inches!

Why so fast?

It’s because I learned to do things a bit differently from what most experts are teaching.

In fact, in most cases, I do the EXACT opposite of the “popular” diet gospel.

And for me… that had been the key reason why most people are still struggling to reduce their weight while I’ve found it easy to drop the fat and keep it off…

But in truth… what I’m MOST proud of…

Is not my personal success…

But the success of my clients… who have applied what I have taught them, took action and are seeing incredible results. And they did it in no time at all.

Stories like these:

Week 1: 7Lb’s and 6 inches of body fat gone! One word, shocked! Thanks for the help and the emails Ryan, keep up the great work! Cheers”
Dave Gaskell

“I started 11 days ago and I have lost 11Lb (today is my cheat day) I was going to the gym, boxing, eating naff all and I still wasn’t losing a thing. I even went to the doctors as I thought there was something wrong with me but now I’m on this “diet” I can actually see me getting into my wedding dress so thank you”
Becki Kennedy

“I have only been doing this for a week and I’ve lost 5 inches and 8Lb! You are officially my favorite person. Big Smiles”
Alyssa Simpson

“Once hearing about the success and results people were getting from the Rapid Fat Loss Diet, I had to look into it and give it a go. I needed to drop weight and body fat and using this diet made it so easy and simple!! Easy steps that meant each time I stepped onto the scales I could see the Lbs dropping off. After losing over 1 and a half stone (23Lb) in 24 days I feel great and healthier! Looking forward to even more success and reaching my goal.”
Matt Smith

“Ryan, an update for you! I started the rapid fat loss diet 5 days ago, I’ve weighted myself today as its cheat day and I’ve lost 7Lb! I have done everything by the book although the scales weren’t budging for a couple of days but I persevered. I flippin love this diet, I was at boxercise last night with my friend Christina and I felt like I was on speed (although not sure how that actually feels!) I cannot stress how theses lots of little changes can make a difference, I feel full through out the day and look forward to the fact I can have my chocolate every week too, that’s what keeps me going. Just want to say thank you for bringing this diet into my world.”
Caroline Fotheringham

“After the whole Christmas period with food food food, I looked in the mirror and thought I have to do something about this so I started the rapid fat loss diet and a week later (cheat day) and I’m feeling fantastic, I’m noticing a change around my waist already and I’ve lost 10Lb! Yes 10Lb in 6 days, it’s incredible. I couldn’t believe it myself . Now I can look forward to my goal knowing its easy.”
Chris Upton

“Dude. Finally reached the milestone of 2 stone (28Lb) lost today, all thanks to following the rapid fat loss diet. I need to keep on it until I reach my main target then its time to build some muscle to go along side it. Thanks for the advice, really helpful and I would highly recommend it to anyone looking to adopt a more healthy lifestyle.”
Stephen Brown

“Thanks to the Rapid Fat Loss Diet I have dropped 82.5 pounds and 10.25 inches in fifteen weeks. You will NOT be starving yourself on this diet or eating a bunch of food you will hate, trust me. I was eating a full four plates of delicious food every day and hey, you do actually get weekly ‘cheat days’ as well!”
Ben Guinter

“Since I started this nearly four months ago I have now lost 45 pounds! I still want to lose another 10. But I haven’t been this light since I was about 14!”
Josh Spurling

“Can’t actually believe I have lost weight in a week!! 5 pounds!! Not lost that much in about 2 years… All in one week!! ….. And today is my cheat day… Feels like Christmas!!”
Heather Clark

Pay Close Attention. Here’s How It Works.

To put it simply, 99% of “diets” DON’T work due to caloric restriction. If you’ve tried them and failed you’re just like all the other people in the world… normal.

You see, any time you go on a “diet” you restrict calories, and naturally when you restrict calories your body does everything it can to fight against all your efforts to drop weight.

Talk about an uphill struggle! But guess what…

It’s Not Your Fault

It’s a completely natural anti-starvation mechanism. If you don’t get enough calories for an extended period of time the body causes “bad” fat storage hormones and hunger to increase whilst “good” fat burning hormones and metabolism decrease.

Enter “starvation mode”.

Go on any diet and it won’t be long until your body starts fighting for every ounce of your body fat. And guess what… It wins EVERY TIME.

It sucks huh!

But What If You Could Block Your Body From Releasing These“Fat Storage Hormones” Keeping FAT BURNING At It’s Highest Point, Week After Week?

Well you can…

Whilst strategically “cheating” on your diet with all your favorite foods!

Whether it’s ice cream you crave, chocolate chip cookies or my personal favorite, a large Big Mac meal from Mcdonald’s (with a dairy milk McFlurry)…

WHATEVER it is, you can actually eat those foods GUILT FREE to help you REDUCE FAT FASTER.

You just have to be strategic…

And in the Rapid Fat Loss Diet that’s exactly what I’ll teach you.

The Science Behind The “Cheat”

The bad news is it only takes your body about 1 week to enter “starvation” mode due to caloric restriction, and by this time all the negative effects start to happen like slow/stalled fat loss and decreased metabolism.

The good news is it only takes 1 day to reverse via strategic cheating”. And on this day you can eat as much junk as you like.

The technical explanation is by spiking your caloric intake once per week (stuffing your face) it will stop your metabolic rate downshifting from caloric restriction during the week. It also SUPER BOOSTS fat reduction from increasing cAMP and GMP to improving the conversion of the T4 thyroid hormone to the more active T3.


That’s Right: Eating Junk Helps You Lose Fat

This means:

  • NO MORE CRAVINGS – You will have a MASSIVE PSYCHOLOGICAL BENEFIT knowing you’ll be able to enjoy all your favorite foods in a couple of days time when cheat day rolls around.
  • NO MORE DECREASED MOTIVATION – You will actually be excited about stepping on the scales day after day to see the massive amounts of weight you’re dropping with this “cheat”.
OK Ryan I Get It, But What Do I Do When I’m Not Strategically Cheating?

Good question. All you do is eat plenty of tasty food like chicken, stir fry, salmon, vegetables, lamb etc.

You see, your brain controls the release of certain hormones after each meal, every time you eat something you release a fat storage hormone or a fat burning hormone which are triggered by the foods you eat…

And inside the Rapid Fat Loss Diet I reveal the EXACT diverse range of foods that you can eat on your “diet” days that release the fat burning hormones with the biggest effect to make sure you drop fat every day!

The Result… Super Fast Fat Loss.

You will know the EXACT foods to eat on “diet” days to release the MAXIMUM amount of fat burning hormones to DRAMATICALLY ACCELERATE the time it takes to drop fat. All whilst SUPERCHARGING your metabolism and NEVER having to give up a single one of your favorite foods again.

Your friends will be SHOCKED when
they SEE the ‘NEW YOU’

This program is called the “RAPID” Fat Loss Diet for a reason, the results you’ll see with this program will NOT be conventional, you won’t hear you friends say “looks like you’ve lost a bit of weight” but more like “what the f**** have you been doing!?”

But I’ll let real users tell you about that:









After spending the 6+ years from when I turned 18 becoming more and more unhappy with how I looked I finally came across the principles taught in the Rapid Fat Loss Diet Program.

I then spent the next 4 months of my life finally realizing a dream I have had for a very long time, I went from nearly 15 stone down to 11! I was thin! I looked good, I felt healthy and I was genuinely excited that I could comfortably stand with no top on!

My energy, attitude, outlook and all around life has vastly improved. All because of the Rapid Fat Loss Diet Program… and the self discipline to stick to it.

Danny Ball

Have been following the diet for 2 months now and I’m enjoying it so much! I intend to carry on for a few more months. It doesn’t seem like a diet as I enjoy all the foods and don’t miss the high fat/sugar of most foods as much as I thought I would. I have gone way past my 1 stone goal and I’m still losing weight.

I feel fantastic and my body feels fitter than ever before, I can run for longer and I can lift heavier weights now too. This diet has been incredible in achieving exactly what it sets out to do… fat loss! As a vegetarian I replaced all meat with quorn but other than this I have stuck to it by the book.

Treat days are wonderful but I no longer live for them as the other 6 days are just as enjoyable knowing the results that they give. This has been the only diet to not only succeed in my weight loss but also to make me want to change the way I eat permanently… Thanks Ryan!

Jennifer Jarvis

The Best Bit… You Don’t Get Any Rebound Weight!

Why do people gain weight back so fast after losing it?

Because typical dieting destroys your metabolism to the point that the moment you decide to return to any kind of “normal” eating, all your lost weight piles back on even faster.

With the Rapid Fat Loss Diet you actually increase your metabolism through strategic and regular “cheat” days, and on “diet” days you release your most POWERFUL fat burning hormones by eating the foods that are proven to make you drop fat QUICKER than any other diet out there.


The Rapid Fat Loss Diet System



Diet Manual ($97 Value)

This is the full on no holds barred diet manual where you find
out the specifics of how to RAPIDLY drop fat. There is no step left
uncovered – including exactly what to eat, when to eat it, detailed
food lists, FAQ’s and much more..

Here at my office, my dietary program design services start at $97,
so when I say your getting a real $97 value here, that’s exactly what
your getting.

And I’m not even close to being done.


Diet Manual Audio Mp3 ($97 Value)

Listen to the entire Rapid Fat Loss Diet Program at home,
in the car or out and about with your iPhone with this mp3 version.

Professionally narrated for easy and convenient listening with
no section left uncovered.



Quick Start Guide ($47 Value)

Want to start ASAP? In this guide you will learn all the essential
steps to start burning fat within 15 minutes of reading, so you
don’t have to wait any longer to start getting the body you want.





Recipe Cook Book ($47 Value)

I reveal the secret delicious meals that guarantee you will
lose fat by eating these tried and tested recipes without
having the stress of worrying if the food you’re eating will get
you the results you want.

I have only included meals in here that are quick and easy
to prepare so anyone can follow along.



Success Journal ($47 Value)

This is to help you easily keep up to date with your progress
without losing track, and it provides an invaluable source of motivation.

Its a proven fact that logging your experience with a diet /
exercise program increases success rates exponentially.




Supplement Guide
($27 Value)

This is to cut out all the crap that supplement companies try
to sell you. I only recommend natural supplements that I have
taken personally and are proven to work.

In this manual I share with you my recommendations so you don’t
waste tonnes of cash buying bogus “fat loss” magic pills that don’t work.
*Note – Supplements are not required to do this program.


Shopping List ($27 Value)

Save time by knowing exactly what foods to buy at the local
store without getting stressed out shopping around or having
to check the ingredients on the food for hours.

This will make your shopping trips stress free, quick and easy.


Metabolism Builder ($27 Value)

This guide will provide you with the information that will allow
you to supercharge your metabolism to burn off the food you
eat faster; so you don’t put on as much weight no matter
what junk you eat.



And I want you to have access to this LIFE CHANGING formula today…

Because in this package which your about to receive…

I let you in on everything I USE TODAY to create shocking transformations for myself and my clients… without having to wait days for results OR having to give up a single one of your favorite foods…

And how it skyrockets your fat loss whilst IGNORING the tactics taught by most so called “experts”…

And of course its got everything you need to generate the same success for yourself.

Here’s Just a Tiny Snapshot of What Your About to Get…

  • The 7 rules for RAPID fat loss that will get you losing pounds of fat after the very first day.
  • Find out the exact TASTY foods that only release fat burning hormones and NOT fat storage hormones.
  • The step by step system to DROP 2 CLOTHING SIZES in 30 days. That’s a size XL – M or a dress size 16 – 14.
  • One simple thing to do for breakfast that takes less than 60 seconds that supercharges your metabolism for the day.
  • Find out the 2 things you ABSOLUTELY MUST DO on any diet that 99% of experts don’t tell you. Miss these and you will fail.
  • A simple tactic that will stop your cravings so you never feel like you have to snack again.
  • Discover the drink that INCREASES the rate you burn fat by 20% and the exact time of day you should drink it.
  • The two 90 second exercises that allow the glut4 in your body to go to muscles instead of fat.
  • Exactly what delicious meals I ate every day to lose 17Lb, 3.6% body fat and 9 inches in 25 days.
  • The TRUTH behind what time you should eat each day to stop the food going to fat storage.
  • The 5 most effective strategies when eating out so you don’t have to put your social life on hold to get the results you want.
  • How to measure your success in a way that keeps you motivated every single day to carry on, this literally makes the whole process EASY.
  • Exactly why weighing yourself is overrated and the 2 things you NEED to be measuring to get a realistic view of your results (this works wonders for your motivation and has an awesome psychological benefit too)

If you were to go to a good dietary program designer, your likely to pay about $197 for a consultation and program design…

And then what?

You’ll get the usual, rehashed dieting dogma that WILL NOT get the the results you want in the time frame you want them.

I know this because hundreds of my clients followed that path before they came to me.

Now getting your hands on the right information… which is literally your key to getting the body you deserve in the fastest possible way…

Getting ALL of That Content
for Less Than $197 Would Be
Quite a Steal

So you might think I’d charge something like $97

Considering your getting the EXACT proven formula on how to lose 20+ pounds and 7+ inches from you body every month… whilst not giving up your favorite food…

I could sleep pretty selling this for $97

But I’m not about to make you a “normal offer”

I’m About to Make An Offer
You Can’t Refuse.

I’ve decided to drop the price super low…

I’m talking about a price less than $97

Less than even $47

Why are we going so low?

Well it really comes down to contribution…

I’ve seen first hand what this formula can do to people’s lives…

I have seen a number of my close friends use this formula and its not just changed their body, its improved their confidence and effected other areas of their lives.

So here’s what I came up with:

I’ll Take My Most Valuable Training, And Offer It At The Lowest Price I Could Dream Up!

I have no doubt this little experiment will produce TONNES of new success stories… and buzz

So how could it hurt?

The decision was made.

But I must warn you… when you visit this site again… this price might be gone forever…

But right now…

Get the entire formula for…

$197 $97 $47

Just one single payment of $27!!!!!!

There’s NO recurring payment. No strings attached. Its a flat fee of $27 one time and you get instant access to EVERYTHING.

That’s less than many of you spend on coffee this month… In exchange for EVERY secret I could muster… to drop over 20Lb of fat every month whilst not giving up your favorite foods.

Before we go any further let me take ALL the risk of your shoulders with this purchase and hit you with my:

Now just to be certain there’s absolutely no doubt in your mind about taking up this life changing offer.

I’m going to make you the strongest guarantee I can think up.

I honestly think a refund will be the last thing on your mind when you get inside…

But I want you to be comfortable with your purchase…

If you don’t find this to be the most valuable fat reducing content you’ve ever come across…

Get ALL of your money back… and keep the training as our way of saying thanks for trying it out.

Our 60 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee

We stand by our product as the fastest fat loss program ever created. And if it doesn’t yield those results for you, or for any reason If you are not fully satisfied with The Rapid Fat Loss Diet for any reason, just let us know within 60 days for a full refund of your purchase price…

No hassles, no hoops to jump through, just a prompt, courteous refund.

Now its time to take action…

And when we make a decision like this…

Its good to ask yourself…

What Does The Body Of
Your Dreams Mean To You?

For some it means getting the partner you always wanted, looking like your favorite TV star or seeing your abs for the first time.

And many go down that route.

That happens to not be my style. But its not for me to judge.

For some it means having a better relationship with your spouse.

To have more energy and liveliness… to have fun rather than be stressed out and tired.

Or being able to share experiences with your friends and family.

For me… feeling confident in front of my girlfriend and being healthy on the inside as well as outside is what really got me.

Maybe some of you just want to be happy with your body… and not depressed about it.

Those are all noble goals…

And every one of them can be achieved.

But only if you push yourself to take the first step.

And the first step is to hit the order button below and get access to these methods now.

Here’s Just One More Tip You
Need To Know Before You Go…

Sincerely from one human being to another.

Here’s some friendly advice.

When you get the chance to learn the exact formula that will change your body, improve your confidence and change you life… you DO IT.

At any price.

And certainly at this price.

Start getting results now with the proven Rapid Fat Loss Diet System and don’t let another “reason” stand in the way of the body you deserve. With this program you can and will succeed – or its free.

The order button is below

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The Rapid Fat Loss Diet… where I’ll receive INSTANT access to the proven Rapid Fat Loss System containing everything I need to drop my fat and get the body I want in the fastest time possible

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On that basis I’m ready to start by clicking the ‘Add To Cart’ button below…

Click the add to cart button above now and I look forward to hearing about the incredible results your going to experience.


Ryan Phillips

P.S. Remember you’ll either drop a hell of a lot of fat really fast with this system, or you pay nothing. The only way you can lose here is if you walk away empty handed.